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Kyan Chhe Kano?: Lyrics Book

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Kyan Chhe Kano is a lyrics book by Dr. Krupesh Thacker, a well-known lyricist, music composer, singer, actor & producer.


Consisting of seven poetry/ lyrics, this book is like a crashing wave hitting your feet as you chase sunset at the horizon. Each lyric will take you far off in a journey and leave you uplifted by the end.

The songs are intertwined with each other that tell a very beautiful story of the poet’s spiritual journey. The poet has explained how even in a small good resides the god. The poet used Kano, a name of God is used to represent the whole concept of God through the use of Synecdoche. There are many other beautifully composed verses in these poetry collections.



The poems are adapted into musical form by Dr. Krupesh Thacker. He also sang all the songs and the album “Kyan Chhe Kano?” was released Worldwide by Krup Music record label on 14th February 2015.



Give Vacha Foundation, an Indian non-government organization works entirely on the 21 answers to the question “Where Is God?”. These answers are taken from one of the songs “Kyan Chhe Kano, daddy?” from the album. This no-donation NGO has designed & successfully implemented many projects on this song. This a unique NGO that perfectly combined performing arts with social issues and is working to solve real-world problems.