Krup Talent Management


Krup Talent Management, operating under the umbrella of Krup Music Record Label, serves as a specialized division dedicated to representing a select group of highly talented individuals in the dynamic realms of music and entertainment. As the exclusive agents for these exceptional talents, our role extends across various domains, including music, films, events, appearances, and brand endorsements within the entertainment industry.

  1. Vacha Thacker – Singer, Actor & Brand Ambassador of Give Vacha Foundation. 10 years old Vacha has been part of 50+ projects of Krup Music. Some of her notable works are “Ai Watan, Vande Mataram”, “Hai Naman”, “Jana Gana Mana”, “Ganesh Mantra”, “Jalaram Dhun”, “Satnam Waheguru Dhun”, “Pyari Behna”, “Raghupati Raghav Raja Ram”, “Pappa Mara Superman” and many more. Click her name for more details and upcoming projects.
  2. Dr. Krupesh Thacker – Lyricist, Composer, Singer, Actor, Producer & Director. He has worked with well-known artists & producers in the industry. He has hit many movie songs and indie albums to his credit. He does show with his band: The Krup & Parv Fusion Band. Click his name for more details and upcoming projects.
  3. Parv Thacker (Also known as The Youngest Singer) – The youngest Exclusive Krup Music Artist. He is 6 years old and loves to act. He is also the Brand Ambassador of KM Talent Hunt Kids Contest and Give Vacha Foundation. His journey into the field of Acting started with Ram Dhun Music Video that got 1.2 Million +views. The success was followed by his another Music Video Hai Naman Song that also got 1 Million plus views so far. He is loved by people of all ages.
  4. Dr. Pooja Thacker – Actress & producer Dr. Pooja is an exclusive KM Artist. She is known for her work in “Love You Maa”, “Tu Chhe O Maa” and “Jalaram Dhun”.
  5. Anjali Sevak – author, voiceover artist, and professional anchor from Kutch. She is the exclusive artist for Krup Music and works as a voiceover artist for the company.