Krup Events


Krup Events, a subsidiary of Krup Music Record Label, emerges as a premier event management company in India, specializing in a diverse range of events. Its expertise spans across Corporate seminar events, Talent Hunt shows, College Festivals, Movie Promotional events, NGO project events, Music Launch shows, and Wedding planning. With a dedicated focus on executing intellectual property (IP) projects, Krup Events collaborates seamlessly with brands, colleges, NGOs, corporates, and artists to bring unique and impactful experiences to life.


Valentine Parv (2014 – Present)Week-long Valentine’s event around Valentine’s Day
Sur Gujarat Ke (2015 – Present)Singing Contest For Worldwide Gujarati Singers
Friendship Parv (2015 – Present)Weeklong Friendship event around Friendship Day
Women’s Parv (2016 – Present)The 2-day event around Women’s Day
Maa Parv (2018 – Present)The weeklong event around Mother’s Day
Nach Le (2020 – Present)Dancing Contest For Worldwide Indian Dancers
The Global Gujarat Show (2020 – Present)Model Hunt For Worldwide Gujarati Models
Gunje Gita (2020 – Present)Gita Recitation events across various cities
Gita Jayanti Parv (2022)Month-long spiritual event preceding Gita Jayanti
Krup Music Festival (2022)Week-long cultural art festival
Krup Events Projects