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Singer-songwriter Dr. Krupesh announces love song ‘Na Hue Judaa’

The festival of love celebrated worldwide is Valentine’s Day! On this theme of Valentine, when everyone is in the competition to do something new in the Social Media and Multi-Media field, this company from Gujarat is also going to do something new.

Give Vacha NGO and Gujarat’s well-known record label company Krup Music have come to know from their social handles that they will release a new love song on the occasion of Valentine’s Day. This song will be the theme song of the Valentine’s Day festival organized by Give Vacha, which will symbolize the love of Radha Krishna. Furthermore, it has been known that this song is sung and created by famous lyricist, composer, and singer Dr. Krupesh. With the launch of this song, a new album and a new pop music band are also set to enter the music industry. As PR services company Esy ID is managing the entire branding, more information is likely to be available from its profile.