How to Celebrate Valentine’s Week?

The month of February brings the season of love. Valentine’s Day has been the center of attraction all across the globe. People from different country, religion, background and language celebrates it in different ways. Now-a-days many NGO’s are celebrating it by doing many social activities. One such NGO, Give Vacha Foundation started celebrating the festival as Valentine’s Week since 2014. It is celebrated from 7th – 14th February every year.

The mission of Give Vacha is to give Indian cultural touch to the festival. For that the week is divided into four different themes with the motto of “Gift Of Time”.


Under this theme many social activity like blood donation, health camp, food & cloth distribution etc will be planned. Apart from these anyone can do any helping act on personal or group level and be a part of the event.


Whatever we do in life depends on how we interpret the world around us. That’s why having positive attitude can bring happiness to our life. Under this theme we pick up social issues that can be changed by changing our attitude towards it. Some of the events are “Save Girl Child”, Respect Women”, “Quit Smoking/Tobbaco”, “Say no to plastic bags”, “Follow Traffic Rules”, “Save Water” & “Never Give Up”; BECAUSE “God is in your Attitude”.


The core of the entire week is this theme. Many people work hard to make our day to day life enjoyable, being it our parents, friends, teachers, and various professionals from society. During this week we take time out to thank them and make them feel special. Some events done by Give Vacha Foundation are; Say “Thank You” to teachers, traffic police, sweepers, health care professionals, friends, entertainers, army as well as parents. Again you can plan to express your gratitute to anyone during this week.


As the name suggests, we try to do any selfless act during this week; like giving “Gift of Time” to orphan age, old age and celebrate Valentine’s occasion with them. The NGO volunteers also show their gratitude to Indian Army for their selfless act to protect our country.

Anyone from any corner of the world can support the initiative by doing the event individually or with group. You can inform about your participation to NGO by uploading photos on facebook with following hashtags

Your photos will be included in NGO’s Videos produced by KrupMusic.

For more information, suggestions please contact KrupMusic.

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