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Book review of romantic Gujarati novel "Adhura Prem Ni Kahaani" authored by Dr. Krupesh Thacker.

Adhura Prem Ni Kahaani | Book Review

“Adhura Prem Ni Kahaani” is a mesmerizing romance tale set in the magical realm of Gujarati literature. It expertly combines the skill of storytelling with the enchantment of poetry. An unusual love tale is introduced to readers in this blockbuster by Dr. Krupesh Thacker.Prem, the captivating protagonist of the book, is a famous poet and singer whose love poems are the show-stoppers during his performances. The main actress, Priya, brings humor and charisma to the story and has a lovely rapport with Prem. Because of Kavita’s crucial part in uniting them, the story takes an interesting turn. Dr. Krupesh Thacker has brought Prem to life via his expert blending of unique love poetry with captivating dialogue.

Unveiling Brilliance: Krup Talent Hunt Kutch Auditions Rock DAV Public School

Amidst a buzz of excitement and a burst of creativity, the stage was set at DAV Public School, Gandhidham, for the beginning of awe-inspiring Krup Talent Hunt Kutch auditions. This dynamic event brought together participants from both senior and junior age groups, each armed with a unique talent that spanned singing, dancing, modeling, acting, instrument playing, and even open mic performances. Organized by the Give Vacha Foundation and Krup Music in collaboration with Esy ID, Krup Academy, and Krup Productions, this global talent show provides a platform for Indian talents to shine online as well as through on-ground auditions. With the guidance of renowned mentors, Singer-Songwriter and Filmmaker Dr. Krupesh Thacker and film producer Dr. Pooja Thacker, as well as a comprehensive Artist Branding 101 workshop, this event was a true celebration of creativity, unity, and boundless potential.

Dr. Krupesh Thacker & Parv Thacker with Rushikesh Patel

Child artist from Anjar released an album of seven devotional songs

Child artist Parv Thacker’s album ‘The Clubfoot Warrior’ was launched by the Health Minister of Gujarat Mr. Rishikeshbhai Patel under the global public awareness project of Give Vacha Foundation and Krup Music. These organizations have been working to spread awareness about newborn deformity clubfoot for the past six years. Clubfoot Warrior Parv is contributing through his art as the global ambassador of this project. Recently, during their Gujarat tour, Parv Fusion Band artists Parv Thacker and Dr. Krupesh met Rishikeshbhai at Gandhinagar and released their album of seven devotional songs by him. The Health Minister encouraged Parv for the campaign by giving a letter of appreciation. On this occasion, the father Dr. Krupesh said “Parv has been treated with music therapy since birth. As a result, he has emerged as a confident Clubfoot Warrior. Apart from this, he has also become the youngest singer. The aim of his songs is to inspire other affected children to achieve something in life. Trustee of the organization Smt. Naynaben added that the release of this album covering the name of the Clubfoot will help us achieve the aim of public awareness.

On Gurupurnima Parv, students gave unique gifts to their Guru at Anjar

Gurupurnima Parv was held in School No. 3 of Anjar under the joint initiative of Give Vacha Foundation, Krup Music, Esy ID, and Krup Music Therapy Clinic & Research Centre. Singer Parv Thacker, Vacha Thacker, Dr. Pooja, and singer-songwriter and music therapist Dr. Krupesh gave a unique gift (Gurudakshina) to their teachers, by releasing their album ‘Hits of Parv Fusion Band’ through their blessings.

Valentines Week Parv Celebration Indian Way by Krup Music & Give Vacha

On Sunday, Amdavadis will be seen walking together for charity. The walk is being organised by Jeevatirth and Giants International Federation 3B, for the welfare of those citizens of the state who are not getting proper education and healthcare facilities. Dr. Krupesh Thacker, founder of Krup Music, who will also be a part of the charity walk said, “I don’t believe in donating but gifting my time and service. I have served in the medical field for six years in the US and now I want to serve India. My CD ‘Kya chhe kano?’ will be launched on February 14 in which I have mentioned what God expects from people.”

Know child prodigy Vacha Thacker in Krup Music exclusive interview

My name is Vacha Thacker, I am ten years old. Along with my studies, I love singing and acting. Till date, I have launched more than 50 songs on around 200 music streaming platforms and I have also been featured in around 15 music videos. I am the brand ambassador of Give Vacha Foundation.

Veer Bal Diwas Special: Parv Thacker – the pride of Gujarat & India

On December 26, when ‘Veer Bal Divas’ is being celebrated across the country. Let’s talk about a child who, at the age of just five years became famous as the youngest singer, youngest actor, youngest changemaker, influencer, brand ambassador and has earned a reputation. Let’s discuss in detail how this gentleman, who achieved five great achievements at the age of five, reached such a long and big distance with small steps.

Children's day special album - World's Youngest Actor - Parv Thacker & Devotional Hits Of Vacha Thacker

Children’s day special album – World’s Youngest Actor – Parv Thacker & Devotional Hits Of Vacha Thacker

“World’s Youngest Actor- Parv Thacker” and “Devotional Hits Of Vacha Thacker” – two new albums are launched for Children’s day. “World’s Youngest Actor – Parv Thacker” is an album by 4-year-old Singer – Child Actor Parv Thacker & another one is “Devotional Hits Of Vacha Thacker” by 9-year-old Singer – Child Actress Vacha Thacker.