Ram Navmi 2021 special song announced: Poster launched by artists

"Ram Rakhe Tem Rahiye" is a Gujarati devotional song by Dr. Krupesh Thacker, Vacha Thacker, Parv Thacker & Dr. Pooja Thacker.

Krup Music announced their 1st devotional release of 2021 along with poster launch. This time the trio Parv Thacker, Vacha Thacker & Dr. Krupesh Thacker are coming up with “Ram Rakhe Tem Rahiye” fusion song specially for the occasion of Ram Navmi 2021. The song is classic Lord Ram bhajan of Meerabai. The music is composed by Dr. Krupesh Thacker while the vocals are done by all three artists. The artists launched the 1st look of the poster and shared it on their social handles to announce the song.


The song is the Indo – Western fusion bhajan. Dr. Krupesh, the composer of the song said that the spiritual lyrics by Meerabai have very powerful message about living the life with a neutral approach. It conveys that one should accept good and bad days with a strong belief in God’ wish. In the last one year post COVID this is the message and philosophy that each and every one on earth has witnessed. The belief gives us strong reason and hope for the better future. One the occasion of Ram Navmi the best thing we should ask from Lord is the wisdom to face the challenges of life. Meerabai lived her entire life with this strong belief and we are blessed to bring that culture back through our music. This is the need of current time.

He added that while composing the melody, he wanted to make sure to retain the feel of the lyrics and arrange the song in the way that it compliments the original message with modern sound. He used guitar, santoor and piano mainly to add soothing and soulful sound. Use of Indian instruments tabla and manjira in rhythm section brings the authentic devotional feel to the sound. The composer added that while it came to the vocals it was no brainier for him to rope in young singers Parv Thacker & Vacha Thacker to accompany him. Parv (3.5 years) & Vacha (8 years) have landed voice to his previous devotional hits Jalaram Dhun, Mangal Bhavan – Ram Dhun, Om Namah Shivay, Satnam Waheguru Jaap and Ganesh Mantra. Their innocent voice brings the true color & emotions to the sound.


Talking about the journey behind the song, Dr. Krupesh said that the initial idea of song came last year and he was planning to release it on last Ram Navmi but due to COVID situation, they had to postponed the shoot. He added that everything happens for good and this year the song has more scope to struck the cords with audience because of lead singers Parv & Vacha. 3 and half years old Parv Thacker has 10+ hit songs to his credit and is known as youngest actor of India. His voice and screen presence as child actor has been the main attraction of our past few releases including Love You Maa, Laadli Beni, Dhingli and Jalaram Dhun. On sets he is always in his own World and acts naturally. He brought happiness factor to the music video. The song will be the continuation of the 1st Lord Ram song of the artists Mangal Bhavan – Ram Dhun which was the debut song of Parv.

Vacha Thacker, the youngest singer of India has more than 25 songs to her credit. Most of her songs are devotional and she has a good following of her own when it comes to music. She brings the mature voice and look along with Dr. Krupesh. Dr. Pooja Thacker has also acted in the music video. So for the 1st time 4 artists from a family will be on screen together. The Thacker artist family will be out for on ground promotion in Gujarat from 12 the April.


Krup Music Productions & Give Vacha Foundation produced the song. It is set to release on 12th April Worldwide on Krup Music’s official channel along with all leading streaming platforms. The trailer will be out on 9th April with per-release booking opening on streaming platforms including iTunes. While we wait for the release date, we can assure that the audience surely will have one more song to their playlist this year for Ram Navmi celebrations.

For all song updates and links to all platforms check the official page of Ram Rakhe Tem Rahiye.