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Veer Bal Diwas Special: Parv Thacker – the pride of Gujarat & India

  • World’s Youngest Singer and Actor
  • Social Media Influencer
  • Club Foot Warrior and the Youngest Changemaker
Parv Thacker Youngest ChangeMaker

On December 26, when ‘Veer Bal Divas’ is being celebrated across the country. Let’s talk about a child who, at the age of just five years became famous as the youngest singer, youngest actor, youngest changemaker, influencer, and brand ambassador and has earned a reputation. Let’s discuss in detail how this gentleman, who achieved five great achievements at the age of five, reached such a long and big distance with small steps.

Club Foot Warrior

Struggle is a prerequisite for success, so the saying goes. Though Parv’s accomplishments are impressive, we should recognize that he faced adversity at a tender age. Parv is born with the medical ailment known as clubfoot, in which the baby’s feet are turned inward. Parv, however, emerged as a Clubfoot warrior as a result of his consistent diagnosis, treatment, and dogged determination. In addition, the five years of treatment allowed him to hone his musical and acting chops, allowing him to become known as the world’s youngest singer and actor.


World’s youngest actor

Starting his acting career when he was just nine months old, Parv has since gone on to great success. With his super-successful debut in the music video “Ram Dhun,” actor Parv captured the attention and affection of the public. Parv was then signed as an exclusive artist for five years by the music firm Krup Music. Then he began appearing in music videos for Krup Music as a young actor. To this point, Parv has appeared in more than 15 music videos for the company in the capacity of an actor. Jana Gana Mana, Raghupathi Raghav Raja Ram, Ram Rakhe Tem Rahiye, Pappa Mara Superman, Tu Chhe O Maa, and Ai Watan are just a few of his well-known songs. Recently, the corporation renewed its contract with this exceptional youngster, and he will soon appear in films and other brand ventures.

World’s youngest singer

The youngest age as a singer, a charming voice, and the innocence that radiates in that voice… all these attributes have earned Parv the title of the youngest singer in the world. When Parv was 1 year and 11 months old, he gave his first voice as a singer for the songs of the album “Parv the Youngest Singer” which included 7 tunes of Prabhubhakti. After that, in each of his new songs, he continued to show a prominent image through his non-singing performances, so that people started remembering him not only for his songs but also for the dialogues he spoke. To date, Parv has released more than 30 songs which are available on over 200 music streaming platforms worldwide through the Krup Music record label company.


Social media influencer

With a successful personality, impressive singing, and a spirit of social service and public awareness, Parv is creating a buzz on social media as well. While most of the kids are lipsing and dancing to the songs of the film, Parv is constantly working towards awareness work like ‘Global Club Foot Awareness Parv’ which has resulted as Instagram – India itself supporting it.

Brand Ambassador:

As a result of Parv’s career, personality, and successes, his name as a brand ambassador has also expanded. First to create awareness as a Club Foot warrior, the Give Wacha Foundation appointed him as the brand ambassador for the ‘Global Club Foot Awareness’ project. After that, having a successful career in Krup Music, Krup Music Company chose him to be a brand ambassador for their reality show ‘KM Talent Hunt-Kids’ and Krup Academy.

Change Maker:

At such a young age, Parv is also working with numerous groups to bring about change in the social sector through karma yoga. Through his Parv Fusion Band and two global projects, ‘Global Club Foot Awareness’ and ‘Gunje Gita,’ he is introducing the concepts of the Gita to the public and dispelling widespread beliefs about Club Foot disease in infants. His group popularises the Bhagavad Gita through teaching musical Gita in schools, orphanages, colleges, and other institutions. As part of his karma yoga, Parv is also raising donations for other children with Club Foot through this programme. In these works, India’s major corporations such as Hungama, famous paediatric bone specialists from Gujarat, different educational institutions, non-governmental organisations, and prominent artists have joined this noble cause.

In addition, he has received numerous prizes for his achievements in these five fields, including the “International Best Raghuvanshi Child Icon Award” from Raghuvanshi Lohana Mahaparishad and “Rising Star of India” from Hungama. In addition, he has been awarded by organizations such as Doon Public School, Anjar Lohona Mahajan, and Gandhidham Gurdwara.